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Breakfast: Made Simple & Healthy

100+ pages full of how-to-guides, explanations and tutorials on cooking terminology and concepts, and easy to follow recipes. 

Additionally, 50% of the proceeds of each book sale will go directly to the wonderful nonprofit, No Kid Hungry.  With each dollar, you can feed a child up to 10 meals! 

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Before writing this eBook, I conducted multiple customer discovery interviews to determine what my intended target's needs were. My target demographic were: 20-30 year olds who were busy, but aimed to be health conscious, as well as 50+ year olds who wanted to gain fresh inspiration on the new food recipes and the latest food "trends". From these interviews, I concluded the following:

  1. The eBook should be focused on a single theme. I chose to go with Breakfast foods.
  2. The eBook should have as many pictures as possible, as most folks like to see both process and final product photos. The final eBook was over 50% images.
  3. The eBook should be fun to read, not seem like an instruction manual. To address this challenge, I wrote the book in a colloquial voice that captured my personality.
  4. The eBook should be written as if the reader had absolutely zero cooking experience. I made sure I included footnotes for recipes and a tutorial section in the book.
  5. The eBook should focus on minimalism. This meant creating recipes that were easy to follow and prepare, as well as limited to as few ingredients (that were also both inexpensive and easy to find) as possible.

As you can see in the samples below, I incorporated these key findings in the content, layout, and design of the eBook. To date, 90+ copies have been sold.