hi there! 

I'm a ux & service designer at google,
based out of the san francisco bay area.


my manifesto

I'm a systems thinker who likes to weigh and consider the impacts and interconnections between multiple points.

I'm fascinated with designing and problem solving for behavior change, especially when it can help people live better lives.

I believe the idea that from nothing, you can create anything and everything, and that the very act of creation is one of the most satisfying projects we can take on.

I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships, and I aspire to empower those around me while also surrounding myself with the most passionate, talented, and driven people I can find.

Find my resume here.


presentations & conferences

  • UXPA Boston (May 2017). Go Beyond Digital: Elevate Your UX with Service Design Thinking. Please contact me to see the deck!

  • General Assembly (April 2017). Diversity and Inclusion in Tech.


outside of work, you can find me

  • Hiking trails and climbing rocks

  • Mentoring at-risk youth through Denver Kids

  • Empowering women to embrace their badass selves through Instagram

  • Eating pie (pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream, to be exact)

  • Learning how to make sourdough bread (any tips appreciated!)

  • Listening to my fave podcasts: 1A, More Perfect, Why UX, Girl Boss Radio

  • Traveling the world (anyone want to go to Switzerland?)

  • Cracking up over really bad dad jokes