hi there! 

I'm a senior Product Designer and Team Lead at aetna digital,
based out of Denver, CO.


my philosophy

I challenge myself to push past my comfort zone, especially when it intimidates me the most. Thirsty for knowledge, I read (and share) about both the basics and the latest trends in design, UX, technology, and food. I take food recipes and flip them upside down, savoring my successes and salvaging my disasters.  I feed off of high energy collaboration and prefer face-to-face conversation over phone calls. I am immensely passionate about creating innovative digital experiences and work most productively when I am in sync with my team.  I love the creativity and passion for problem solving that I find in my peers.

Find my resume here.


my recommendations

"Smart. creative. ambitious. quick learner. interdisciplinary." 


presentations & conferences

  • UXPA Boston (May 2017). Go Beyond Digital: Elevate Your UX with Service Design Thinking. Please contact me to see the deck!
  • General Assembly (April 2017). Diversity and Inclusion in Tech.